Around the World in a Day – Trip to Global Village

We live in a country that is home to many nationalities. People from all around the world situated in one of the most cultural places. It is hard to imagine, when coming up with entertainment aspects for the country, what the officials go through!

How do we make a project for people to come together and make them feel at home?

That would be when the idea for Global Village popped up. Launched in 1996, this project has welcomed the country’s biggest crowd with 5 million visitors on average every year. One of the biggest projects in tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment, Global Village has never failed to exhibit.

There are 27 pavilions that represent over 75 cultures from spices in India to honey from Yemen. From tribal wood carvings in Africa to fashionable items found in Europe. From traditional rugs in Iran to antiques from Turkey, this place has it all.


The entrance fee for Global Village is AED 15 per person paid by cash at the ticket counter or from the kiosk by card. People of determination plus one companion, children below 3 years of age, and citizens over 65 years can enter free of charge.


Mini World Tour:

Be prepared to swivel your head from side to side as you take in the famous landmarks from all around the world at the entrance. You can see the Statue of Liberty with the Big Ben from London right next to the Eiffel Tower. The Leaning Tower of Pisa shares the spot with Sydney’s Opera House. The Burj Khalifa, stands tall right next to the Shanghai’s traditional Shikumen which leads the way for India’s Taj Mahal. The site is no less than standing in the streets of the respective cities and admiring each landmark in their dignified glory. It’s hard not to miss out the Pyramids of Giza as well!

DSC_0126 DSC_0130







DSC_0134  DSC_0135

Turkey’s Trinkets:

The first stop of the grand tour of the world was Turkey. The place gives the feel of just stepping off the cruise into the dazzling streets of Turkey.



Well known, for their sweets and coffee, the pleasant aroma fills the air. Turkey not only appeals to the sense of smell and taste, but also sight and touch. Shops filled with Turkish lamps and chandeliers steal the show. The handmade mosaic lamps are bound to dazzle every passer-by. Beware of the Turkish vendors though, they’re quite mischievous when it comes to selling.

Incredible India:

The next stop was of course, the colourful Indian Pavilion. The pavilion’s outer architectural design itself is breath-taking.


The antiqued ambiance takes one directly to the noisy and crowed streets of Mumbai or Delhi. Shops with traditional cloth materials, pots and pans, jewellery, shoes and garments were packed with eager shoppers reminiscing about their hometowns and others, fascinated by the printed fabrics and technicolour jootis. It’s undeniably hard to leave this place empty handed.


Carnival and Food:

Global Village offers a number of restaurants and stalls to munch from. Be it Indian, Pakistani, Syrian, Chinese, Italian and many more, you’re spoilt for choice. These restaurants are lined up on both sides of the canal. Add to that, you can buy potato sticks, mini pancakes, fruit juices, chaat, candy, all throughout the expanse.

That’s not all folks! GV also presents a carnival located at the end of the canal, including a Ferris wheel! Multiple rides for kids and adults as well as individual games take up an exciting part of Global Village. You can win various kinds of stuffed toys and an adorable multi coloured unicorn!  Do not forget the fireworks!


Global Village not only brings a number of people together but also celebrates the World’s exquisite diversity. A place where everyone enjoys different cultures, learns new ethnicities, devours traditional food and engages in conversation with people from all around the globe! A place that revitalises the love for humanity.


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