Biggest Bookstore in the Largest Mall

As an avid book reader, I wouldn’t love anything more than getting my hands on a good book and sitting with it for hours. To be honest, if it’s really interesting, I’ll stay up the whole night to finish it.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that Dubai Mall has one of the biggest libraries in the UAE. Utter JOY!

We have a 68,000 square foot space that stocks over more than half a million books and a thousand of magazines in English, Arabic, Japanese, French and many more languages. This place will set any literature lover or book lover for that matter, flipping with glee. I mean it’s a literary paradise.

That’s not all, the best part is that you can sit in the bookstore all day and read as much as you want. The store not only offers a variety of books but also has a figurine collection so if you’re The Collector (see what I did there), you can find a number of comic book character action figurines.

Now for the other best part, yes there is one! The new location for Kinokuniya is right opposite the Dubai Mall metro link which gives you an easy walk right to the bookstore.


The sad part though, if you’re travelling by metro, then there’s the longest metro link you have to cross to reach Dubai Mall.

Now for those who do not want to spend their entire day in a bookstore smelling books, Dubai Mall has lots of other things to do.

Shopping: You have over 200 different brands that redefine luxury in the Fashion Avenue.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Discover the ocean’s mysterious creatures up close in Dubai Mall’s Aquarium where you can even feed the Rays, diving suit and all.


Dubai Dino: Dubai Mall is the home to a 115 million-year-old Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton that is put on display in The Souq. The Dino is standing 8 metres tall and stretches nearly up to 25 metres.


Dubai Ice Rink: All the figure skaters out there, this one is for you. Whether you’re learning to walk on ice or already twirling your way through, the Ice Rink is by far the coolest place.

People on the ice rink in the Mall of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reel Cinemas: If you’re a movie fan, then the Reel Cinemas is the real deal with 22 screens and fancy reclining chairs.

reel cinemas

In addition to all of this, Dubai Mall still has so many exciting experiences to offer, The Dubai Fountain, Kid Zania, At the Top: Burj Khalifa, and many more are still coming up.

That’s a whole lot of things in just one place. Well, what did you expect the world’s largest mall to have…?

So if you’re a bookworm or like to hike up your adrenalin, shop till you drop or skate away, this is the place to be.

A quick warning though, click a picture of where you park because getting lost in the mall is one thing but getting lost in a parking lot is something else. It’s not like you can give your car a call and find out where it is.

That’s all for today’s post. New posts on fashion and more book reviews coming up!


All the Love. R

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