Apple Body Shape

Generally described as “top-heavy”, the bust is three or more inches bigger than the hips. If you have gained weight or given birth recently you are most likely an apple shaped. However, you can be thin but carry most of the fat around the midsection and be wide at the ribcage.


  • Wide shoulder, slim limbs, especially the arms are usually a strong characteristic of this body type.
  • The weight is focused around your midsection and chest, giving an appearance of a heavy bust and full waist.
  • Waistline lacks or has no definition. Bust and waist are very close in measurements (midsection is fuller.)
  • Though your top may be on the heavier side, your legs should be slimmer.


What to wear:

Since most of the weight is above the hips, the midriff appears heavy compared to the remaining body it draws more attention there. The strategy is either to take the attention away from the heavier parts of the body and focus on your positives like your bust, arms, and legs or to choose an outfit that will trim and define your waist.

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Wear clothes in a way that makes your midsection slimmer. This will help you acquire a proportional body shape.

  • Wide belts of a darker color (stretch material is recommended.)
  • Add more volume to your hips using prints, bias cut skirts, frills, full circle skirts etc. Various details and textures can experiment but one has to be careful with their placements on the body frame.
  • Patterns and texture on darker base are better options compared to solid colors
  • Shapewear, especially for the waist, will do the trick in an instant.
  • The push-up bra can be used to lift up your bust.
  • Clothes that have a fitted bodice ending just below the bust and a skirt which is long and loosely fitting but skims the body like empire necklines, tunics etc.

Wear clothes that draw attention away from the midsection and flaunts your assets. In apple shape, it is the bust and the legs.

  • V-necks and lower necklines flatter your body and make your torso look slimmer.
  • One has to keep in mind that what one wears should draw the attention of onlooker from top to bottom rather than side to side.
  • Wear clothes with detailed hemlines this will draw the attention to your legs.
  • Tops with details on the sleeves like gathers, slits, glittery sleeves to highlight your upper body and arms.

Styling according to your body shape is key to making a fashion statement. If your body isn’t the apple shape then maybe the next post is for you so enjoy reading this and the next one will be up soon. 🙂

Adios! Zaa


2 thoughts on “Apple Body Shape

  1. Didn’t know such a thing existed. Makes sense to me now how all fashion choices are impacted due to body shapes. Thanks for sharing 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You’re most welcome…and yes your body type plays a really important role in deciding what you wear and how you style yourself…


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