What’s ‘super’ about Krypton?

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

SyFy’s Krypton does all that it can to hook you into the world of Els and Zods, yet something is still amiss. The ambitious show has debuted in the absolute right time, this is the Golden Age of comics! With time by its side and audience ripe for picking, why hasn’t the show fared the way The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl have? Pressing questions right?!

The mixed response the show has received from audience and critics alike seems to stem from the fact that it tries too hard to do everything. From including time-travel to saving their home (Krypton) and Earth from doom to a Shakespeare-isque romance between the male and female leads to lost family legacies, the creators of Krypton have tried to introduce about 200 possible story arcs in a 10 episode season.

A show depicting the home of Superman has been something of an uncharted territory until now.  The planet Krypton, for audiences not engrossed in the comic world, has long been a mystery, and this show gives a peek into the world of Superman. Sadly, it must be said that Kal-El’s grandfather is a cliche. He is a GOOD guy, heavy emphasis on the good in-case that skipped your attention, but that’s all that he is.

Seg-El (the grandfather) is a cardboard character that does not have a imaginative bone in his alien body. Characters from other houses of Zod and Vex are a lot more dynamic and crafty in their existence, capable of a lot more complexity in their actions and alliances. Loyalty is the theme that’s prevalent in all the episodes. Be it to a house or to a person, alliances and pledges is what rules Krypton’s people.

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