What’s some money in a game?

Are Micro transactions necessary?

Are you a gamer?

Come on, I’m sure you’ve played some games on your PC or your PS4 or even on your phone. Don’t be afraid to admit to that. We all do it. We play when boredom strikes or when all hell breaks loose and most importantly when we do not have Wi-Fi! But have you ever wondered what the ‘In –app purchases’ are meant for?

I myself am not really a video gamer but I am a victim to mobile phone games. My secretive sources tell me that micro transactions or most commonly known as in-app purchases that allow the game company to make more money even when the games have already been paid for. This is when they include new levels or add extra downloadable content and make it impossible for customers to ignore that extra special content.

According to studies, it is noted that when a person is hooked on to a game, they will go to lengths to complete that specific game and feel satisfied when they make purchases that give them an edge over others. This behaviour can be linked to compulsive buying disorder (CBD) that appears in the late teens or early twenties. The gamers who associate with CBD are more likely to make micro transactions than other gamers to make a name for themselves.

While speaking to a few gamers, Alex mentioned that some companies release an unfinished game and then add on some micro transactions that are double or triple the price of the original game. Whereas, a member says that some companies give out bonus points, extra downloadable content or extra maps when pre-ordering a video game. These bonuses are not available to the gamers who buy the game later and cannot get access to them throughout the game. That is very sad! Games such as Defense of the Ancients (DotA), League of Legends (LoL) and Counter-Strike allow the gamer to use micro transactions to buy skins or costumes for their characters or weapons.

When asked if these purchases give the gamers an advantage in any way, it was found that some games do and some games don’t. Another member exclaims that the games which give an advantage, either allow the gamer to propel forward into their gaming adventure or then they get stuck. That’s some intense gaming! While Neha says that some gamers just want to show off their new beautified version of their character or weapon. Most gamers make all these fancy purchases to maintain their reputation and make more friends. After all, you do need someone to have your back in a game.

But even after all that effort, what’s the main reason behind micro transactions? Certainly, there must be some positives to that, or are there? My sources tell me that if micro transactions become a big thing in the future then all the gaming companies will lose their player bases because obviously nobody wants to spend tons of money on games! Or there are some people who are willing to place their bets on this one. Either way, gaming companies will make it big or they will go home!

So my question is, are these micro transactions/ in-app purchases really necessary? Are they a want or a need? Comment below and tell me what your take on this is.

All the Love, R.

2 thoughts on “What’s some money in a game?

  1. In games like Counter Strike and Fortnite, micro-transactions just enhances your player’s look. It does not improve your gaming style or help make you a better player. It just helps a player maintain a certain image in the game and makes the player stand out among others.

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    1. So you say that microtransaction are only cosmetic and they do not really help you in the game either way?


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