Pear Body Shape

Being the opposite of an apple body, this one is bottom-heavy (or triangle) i.e., having hips significantly larger than bust and is described as a curvy body.

pear shaped

  • The lower body is heavier compared to your upper body but has a defined waist.
  • Shoulders are narrower, sloping and are not as broad.
  • Legs are sometimes distinctly wider, muscular and fuller.

What to wear:

Since the lower body is fuller, you have to strategize your clothes in such a way that you either draw attention away from it or you highlight your upper body. However, if you want you can show off your curves by enhancing them.

Wear clothes in a way that creates curves on top or highlights your upper body.

  • Necklines that make an onlookers eye move horizontally, for example, boat and straight necklines are preferred.
  • Go for light colors like white, light pink, cream, off-white etc. or bright colors like red, orange, turquoise blue, shocking pink etc.
  • Details such as horizontal stripes, polka-dots, zippers, collars, sequins, embroidery or any other eye-catching embellishments can be done.
  • A push-up bra could be used with or without bust enhancing necklines such as sweet-heart, off-shoulder etc.
  • Cowls could be used on neckline and bust area to grab the onlooker’s attention on the upper half of your body.
  • Sleeves such as bell, kimono, tulip etc. can be used.
  • Scarves could be used to drape in different manners.
  • Do not wear a top that doesn’t fit you properly on your shoulders or else the outfit and the motive of enhancing your upper body get ruined.

pear shaped1

pear shaped2

The other way is to de-emphasize your curves or minimize your hips, butts, and thighs.

  • Go for dark colors like black and dark navy blue.
  • Details that will move an onlookers eye vertically such as vertical stripes or pleats which will slim down your curves.
  • Try wearing shapewear.
  • Go for heels they create an illusion of elongating your lower body and make your hips, thighs, and legs look slimmer.
  • Don’t go for stiff fabrics.
  • If you are very curvy, the bottoms you wear have to be longer and wider that will help with your body proportions.

There may be someone who really loves their curves so for them do the opposite highlight your lower half. Go for details that will draw attention on your curves like skirts and dresses with ruffles, pencil skirts, light and bright colors, prints and textures, laces etc. (Avoid highlighting your curves at a professional site).

Don’t be beautiful like others, be beautiful like yourself!

These guidelines are to help you make your own style statement. Keep reading and enjoying. The next post about Inverted Triangle Body Shape will be up soon 🤩

Adios! Zaa

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