Magic, Mystery and the Book Legendary

Book Name: Legendary

Author: Stephanie Garber

Genre: Fantasay, YA

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Publication Date: May 29, 2018

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Welcome Welcome to Caraval … The games have only just begun”

Plot: Grand Master Legend’s Caraval is back in town for the Queen’s birthday. The sisters Scarlett and Tella might have escaped their father’s clutches but they are still very much stuck in the mystical Caraval. The story revolves around our spirited younger sister, Tella. Tella has made a mysterious bargain with a criminal and what she owes him could be greater than what she could have ever expected. Five nights of Caraval with Master Legend’s games, his cunning crew, the Majestic Queen, the murderous heir to the crown and Tella’s undissolved feelings for someone forbidden, Will Tella be able to get past them to finish the game and win back her life?

Read the excerpt on Goodreads.

The story of Legendary starts off immediately after the Caraval show is over and in the after party we see a shadowy figure hand Tella a note and disappear into the mist. What Tella reads, shows us the length she went to save her sister and in the meantime find her mother.

Queen Elantine’s city of Valenda is where the next Caraval takes place. The city has always been a place of awe for the girls with its famous stories, magnificent palaces and the old stories that linger in the air.

Tella’s life follows a down, down, down, down, arc where one questions if Tella will ever get a happy ending. Mixed with being engaged to the Heir who blackmails her into pretending to be his fiancé, Tella’s dubious feelings for the overly handsome and dangerous Dante, a card game that has made Tella’s future so tangible, Tella wishes of nothing else but to be able to win Caraval and save her mother.

But that is easier said than done.

Winning the game requires her to either reveal Legends true name and save the Fates and her mother or betray the bargain with the Fates and save Master Legend. It seems rather decided as to what Tella will choose to do, but it all changes when she learns of who the real Legend is.

Five nights of the famous Caraval does not prepare her for that revelation. In a whirlwind of mysteries, lies, betrayal, surprises, and doomed love, we see a young girl fight against all the odds and try to find the one thing she loves the most.

What I like most about this book is that even though Tella is undergoing so much, she still manages to keep her head up and try her best to get past obstacles and make tough decisions. Makes me rethink all the times that I gave up on something when it got difficult.

A great coming of age story with lots of magic and mystery, Stephanie has out done herself yet again with this seemingly wonderful book. What happened in Caraval was as real as a game gets, but what happens in Legendary feels more real and permanent. We can only wait and see what the outcome will be in the third book of the series ‘Finale’.

Find out more about Stephanie Garber here.

If y’all haven’t already figured, I am a big fan of Stephanie Garber and her books. Also magic has always been one of my favourite fantasy loves. Comment below and let me know what is your fantasy love?

All the Love, R.

3 thoughts on “Magic, Mystery and the Book Legendary

  1. Yeah, Faeries are beautiful creatures to read and I love how every author gives the Faerie a different meaning


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