Rectangle Body Shape

This body shape’s silhouette is fairly straight up and down with a slightly masculine look.

  • Shoulders, bust, and hips are approximately of the same width.
  • Little or no waist definition.
  • Less or no curves.
  • Bottom tends to be flat.


Compared to other body shape types, this particular body shape has a wide variety of garments and outfits to play with.

Since the body is of a rectangular shape, you will have to create more curves. You can do this by defining the waist and creating curves above and below the waist. You’re free to experiment with various textures and details.

  • One of the most important aspects is wearing the right size bra. Use push-up bra to lift up your bust.
  • Choose bright and bold colors which are not just eye-catching but also help you define your body.
  • Try garments with various prints, textures, and details like ruffles, beads, studs, cowls or embroidery.
  • Any jacket tailored around the waist will look good.
  • Medium to high neckline works well especially when you have a small bust. Halter necks will give you the appearance of a bigger bust.
  • A-line skirts work really well for this shape.
  • Wear accessories especially belts.
  • Shift and empire line dresses work really well.
  • Any kind of pants will look good, but flared trousers are preferred as they add more shape to your body.


A waist belt is a wardrobe essential for this body shape. It’s like the last minute solution to trimming your waist and to also give the stylish final touch to your entire look. Choose dark colored belts that are simple, as the aim is to trim your waist down and any details on the belt will add weight to your waist.

After reading all the body types there may be some of you whose body falls into two categories. Somebody will have characteristics of two body types. In cases like these, you have to be flexible while keeping in mind both your primary and secondary body figure while you dress.

Just remember the trick “ENHANCE or MINIMISE” and you’re good to rock in what you wear.

Don’t copy, be confident enough to create your own style.

Until next time…

Adios! Zaa

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