5 books perfect for travelling

It’s summer time. La di da di daaa. Summer Summer Summer!

Summer is that time of the year when the maximum number of travel plans are in motion. Be it to a nearby city or across the oceans, to a new country or even a different continent. Airports are filled, bags are packed, boarding passes are ready to be scanned … but what’s missing? A good book to read in the long hours of plane travel, or even a train or bus.

My problem is that I cannot sleep on a plane, so I always keep a book in handy which is carefully chosen, pages counted to see how long the book will last and what will I do if it gets over. Also backup! There is always a backup book. And a backup backup book. Well, you get the point.

So here’s a list of all the books I’ve enjoyed reading while 35,000 feet up in the air:

I read this book when I was obsessed with John Green. I remember reading this on a plane to Mumbai and it started off with Margo Roth Spiegelman, who is the pretty girl our Q is in love with. She’s the IT girl and he’s the nerd she doesn’t talk to. One night, she man-naps him and his car on a road to revenge. Margo thereafter, mysteriously disappears and leaves Q clues to find her. The story is a quick, nice read but confusing at the same time, if it’s a little mystery you need while travelling, then this one if for you.


The story about our lovely Louisa who after numerous attempts finally finds a job as a caretaker to Will. Will happens to be super British, super annoying, and paralyzed from the neck down. Louisa, with no previous experience of caregiving, tries her best to lift Will’s spirits by taking him out for various trips. When Lou learns of Will’s plans, she decides to show him how to live the best life. My heart broke when I realised how much Lou and Will love each other but cannot be together. It makes me question how far you are willing to go for your loved one. Keep tissues for this one, it’s a roller coaster of emotions.



It’s all flowers and rainbows in a Jill Mansell novel and in Miranda’s life as well. Miranda is thrilled to meet Greg at a party. She is content with the fact that Greg checks off all the ticks off her list and finally feels that she has found her man. It’s all perfect, but how do you trust a man with a past? This is when the fun begins. Greg hasn’t told Miranda that he has recently left his newly pregnant wife. I mean how will Miranda ever find out? But when the wife and Miranda cross paths, Greg is in for a downpour. A funny story which makes you laugh and can be totally relatable as well. Miranda at the end finds three guys pinning for her and we wish, we were her.


When has a Dan Brown novel not been perfect? I’ve yet to find one. This book builds up from the start to end and in the middle, it hits a point so low that you wonder if you will ever be able to come back up. If you have read this novel, then you totally get the reference I just made up there and if you haven’t read it, PLEASE do. I assure you, that this books is amazing. You will want to finish this before stepping out of the plane or train or whatever transport it is you are on. If you have a long travel time ahead, you won’t even realise when you made it to your destination, this book is that thrilling. Just read it.



I came across this one in Pune, a city next to Mumbai. The shopkeeper handed me this book saying Ma’am it’s a new novel and I obviously bought it. The story can be counted as a Cindrella slash Hunger Games retelling. One Prince, 35 women, which one will be able to make the Prince fall for her? America never wanted to be in the 35, but as fate has it, she and Prince Maxon start their courting in a unique way and she catches his eye in the ways that are complete opposite of what is expected. A refreshing plot, a unique romance and number of competitions, this book is a good travel read. I guarantee the need to run to the nearest bookstore to buy book number 2 as it’s a series of five books and we do not get to know the results till book number 3! Oops. Now you have to read them asap!

If you’ve read any of the books and liked them, comment below and let me know your thoughts. Leave some other travel book suggestions too, I would love to read them. 

All the Love, R.

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