Wedding Essentials

White wedding? Beach wedding? Spring garden wedding? Or a simple back yard wedding? So many options, so many things to decide…

The wedding day has to be one of the most awaited events in a person’s life. Be it a bride or a groom, everyone has their own expectations and plans for how they want their wedding to be. Thoughts on the dream wedding start when young. You look at older siblings, cousins and relatives getting married. Seeing how the decorations are done, the outfits worn, the number of photoshoots, invitations, venues, food, etc, you just want to get married immediately! For some, these things may not be absolutely important and only the presence of their loved ones is needed.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task! A lot of things have to be taken care of but a bride and a groom just have to worry about their outfits. The four most important things for the power couple are the outfits, accessories and jewelry complementing the outfits and makeup.

Wedding Outfit


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

To decide what to wear for each function is not an easy task. Keeping in mind the comfort, the theme (if any) and the function in which one has to wear each outfit, all should be chosen perfectly. The bride or the groom should not look under-dressed for any function nor should they go for something so fancy that they look disastrous. Comfort is the most important criteria while choosing an outfit. Especially for Indian brides there are a minimum of four to five functions like haldi, mehendi, shaadi reception and so on, depending on the culture and the community.

For all the functions one should understand that the outfit should serve the purpose of that function. Example for mehendi, one should go for an outfit that is comfortable and no too heavy as the bride has to sit in that garment for a long time and apply mehendi but she should also look like a bride. Avoid choosing the same color for two functions and infact try to work different patterns and looks for all the functions.

Once the outfit is chosen make sure it is stitched according to the perfect body measurements. Get your trials done and see to it that the outfit is a perfect fit.


A bride remains incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewelry that gives her entire persona a majestic look. Bridal jewelry is of such great significance as it does not only enhance a bride’s attire, but also takes her beauty to another level. For an Indian bride, the wedding look is considered incomplete without her ‘Solah Shringar’. Depending on what kind of wedding it is, the jewelry plays an important role in this entire wedding look. Church weddings do not demand for too much jewelry whereas, in Indian weddings, jewelry is an important chunk of the bridal look. From a small drop earring to heavy jhumkas, from a small pendant to a choker set, be it anything, jewelry for a bride is of prime importance.

Try to match or complement your jewelry with your outfit. Certain metals or stones complement more with certain colors. For example, ivory looks good with gold as it highlights the creamy tint of the fabric. A white dress or a white and gold dress can be complemented with pearls. If your outfit is white and has golden beadwork then pick jewelry with a golden base.

For an Indian bride, jewelry plays a vital role during phera but for the reception she can make her choice depending on her outfit. If you are wearing a gown or in that case a lehenga and the neckline of the outfit is embellished then opt for earrings only. You can choose long heavy or small drop earrings depending on the type of outfit and the function. The type of hairstyle can also be a criteria in choosing the perfect ear adornments. If you’re leaving your hair down then small earring will do but, for an updo go for little more dramatic ones like danglers or chandeliers.

If you rarely wear jewels, there’s no need to load yourself in gold and diamonds on your wedding day. The ulterior motive is to look and feel the best, the most beautiful version of your regular self.




The wedding dress is the most important part of your wedding but using the right accessory will enhance its beauty and elevate your look.  Jewelry, footwear, veils, clutch, watch etc. gives varying choices but needs to be controlled proposition. You don’t need a veil, tiara, neckpiece, earrings and a sash all together. Too many accessories can be downright distracting. Accessories need to add a unique touch to your look and not distract anyone from you.

The veil is the iconic bridal accessory. From cathedral veil to short veil to Spanish lace veil there are many options to choose from but you should keep a few things in mind when you choose your veil. The color of the veil should exactly match the color of the gown. If the back of your dress has details that you have to show then choose a sheer fabric veil. Consider your body type when you choose your veil.

Hair accessories will add an overall dramatic look and you can even change it with a veil. Decide what your hairstyle is first and then choose your tiara or crown or a flower accessory.

For both the bride and groom, footwear is a very important accessory. No outfit is complete without a perfect pair of shoes. You would want the best pair for your D-day but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with your comfort. You have to understand that you will be standing for long periods of time and you don’t want to be cringing in pain. (Wear your footwear around the house for a couple of weeks prior to the day so that you get comfortable in them and you will get to know if they cause any blisters or pain.)

For men, the accessories revolve around a tie, cufflinks and a pocket square with a suit. A watch should be elegant and should complement your outfit. Indian grooms wear sherwani so they have neck pieces, broaches and pagdi as the basic groom attire.


Nailing the perfect bridal makeup look isn’t easy. It is a final touch given to the bride to make her look flawless on her life’s most important day. Different functions, different outfits and different looks. From glowing complexions to subtle smoky eyes, there is a vast range to choose from. Don’t try to copy something you like on others as it may not look good on you.


From all that everybody tells you to do, the most important thing is what YOU want. It is YOUR big day and don’t let any decision made by others ruin it. It’s your day, your decision matters in the end.

Keep reading…until next time😘

Adios! Zaa

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  1. Almost reminds me of my wedding. Nostalgic!
    But I agree with this. Couldn’t have described the wedding planning more accurately than this.

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