What happens when the worlds of a chef and a baker collide?

Book Name: A Recipe for DisasterA-Recipe-fo-Disaster_FINAL

Author: Belinda Missen

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher: HQ Digital

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Book Acquired: ARC, Netgalley

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After numerous fantasy novels, A Recipe for Disaster has been a welcoming change to my reading book list. This book not only talks about real life problems but also deals with problems faced by women.

To give you a gist, Lucy Williams is an amazing baker in the small town of Inverleigh. Content with her life as a baker and a decent paying job, Lucy’s life is wonderful. Add in a last minute order for a wedding cake, a rushed and nervous delivery and a perfect bumping into the estranged husband, throws Lucy’s life into chaos.

Still recovering from her broken heart and an almost broken marriage, Lucy tries to play cool in front of her famous husband, the well-known chef Oliver Murray. She discovers his plans to move back to town to open a new restaurant and now he wants her to work for him. Is it possible for Lucy to keep a sane mind and get into the mix of starting a new project with Oliver? Or will she abandon all hope and continue the way her life was before bumping into Oliver. Time will only tell …

The author Belinda, has weaved a perfect tale of life, career, relationships, feelings and ambition. In this world, not only has she managed to create a strong woman protagonist but has also touched on topics that are very relevant. While Lucy manages to insist on her terms for the job, she even manages to get a salary that proves her worth. Not only does she argue as a professional baker, she holds a confident stance while demanding her worth from her boss/husband.

The story purely focuses on Lucy and Oliver’s career choices and where their ambition takes them, it is seen that while Oliver left Lucy for his career, Lucy still manages to get back on her own feet and prove her professionalism as a patisserie consultant. This aspect in the storyline really stood out and made me love the plot even more.

Zoe, Lucy’s best friend, a wife and mother of four, constantly tries to pull Lucy down by mentioning the child bearing aspect of being a woman. Belinda through Lucy, swiftly and smartly deals with this by showing that a woman is not only known for bearing children, but can also bear a full blown career. The best part? Oliver, the husband supports Lucy’s decision and praises her for choosing to live a life the way she wants to.

Another plus point is the crazy amounts of foods and desserts mentioned in this book. My mouth kept watering at the number of breads and cakes that were baked, fondants that were mixed, tarts that were left to cool and other various varieties of sweets and savoury foods that were described. Let’s not forget the incredible dishes master chef Oliver made even for a normal every day dinner. Somebody get me a personal chef please!

All things considered, this book and the author deserves a good round of applause for coming up with such a wonderful story-line by showing the vulnerable yet empowering nature of a woman and the daily life struggles that they have to face, be it as a daughter, a wife, a best friend or a mother. A Recipe for Disaster is a perfect combination of vigour, romance, comedy and drama. I assure you that you’ll want to devour it in one go.

Another new ARC review will be up next week, don’t forget to check it out! 

All the Love, R.

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