The Apparel Concept

#OOTD has become a worldwide phenomenon where every one wants to show off their outfits and their accessories. The Apparel Concept can be a significant guide to achieving that perfect OOTD.

It is a task to get up in the morning and figuring out what to wear for the day, by keeping a few concepts in mind, dressing becomes a whole lot easier. Read below for some concepts that can change the way you look at the clothes and accessories.

  • The overall concept

Keeping yourself and the environment in mind always helps you to pick out your outfit.

  • Colour concept

Skin tones play an important part while choosing colour combinations for your outfit. A colour that you really like and are comfortable in might not always be the colour that suits you.

Colours play an important role in depicting change in emotion, temperament and creation of illusion, for e.g. red stands for  an active and restless personality, black makes a person look mature and/or mysterious, green gives a sense of tranquillity and a cool feeling, dark blue brings uniformity and stability, white seems simple elegant and full of vitality.

  • Body concept

Knowing your body shape and body type is important while selecting outfits.

You can also find your body type by reading the articles here.

  • Accessories concept

Good fashion and style is inextricably linked with jewellery and clothing. Buying your clothes is just the first step. The number of accessories and the kind depend on your comfort level and the occasion.

Good accessories should not be optional.


  • Hairstyle concept

Hairstyles and hair accessories should match the style of clothing and need to be apt for the occasion.


  • Makeup concept

Every style and occasion demands a different kind of makeup look. For example, nudes look perfect for day wear and power dressing whereas, smoky eyes and the bold look works well for a club setting and parties.


  • Personality concept

When greeting a person, clothes make the first impression. It is up to you to decide what you want the world to think of you. An outfit that you wore few years ago may not suit you anymore. A gradual change in styling is ideal to make sure you dress for your personality. Try experimenting with different outfits, may be you’ll fall in love with a style that you thought you would never wear!

  • Economic concept

The higher the quality of clothing the more expensive it is. Buy good quality clothes that give a good and lasting impression.

  • Maintenance concept

This includes two aspects, one is laundry and storage. Storing clothes properly will allow you to make optimum use of the cloth.

And the other focuses on planning outfits ahead of time and according to events that follow. It will definitely save you the hassle of being late ever again!

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality”

Keep styling…until next time..

Adios! Zaa

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