Breast Cancer Awareness month in review

Book Name: The Bucket List

Author: Georgia Clark

Genre: Adult Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestseller Books

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Day is just around the corner so in, lieu of this very special awareness month, I chose to read a book about the diagnosis of the breast cancer gene and how such a discovery changes lives.

Read the full excerpt from Goodreads.

This story is about a young woman, Lacey Whitman, 25, living in New York City with a good job at the prestigious fashion industry Hoffman House and aims to be a fashion editor in that very firm. Things take a drastic turn in her life when she goes for a minor diagnostic exam and the results show that she has the BRAC1 gene mutation in her DNA due to her mother’s history. This puts her on a pedestal for Breast Cancer to eventually find her and mess up her life the way it did to her mother.


Being proactive, she discusses the pros and cons of getting a double mastectomy and getting silicone breast implants with her friends. Together they make an ultimate boob bucket list which has all the things the Lacey wants to do and feel with her breasts prior to the transformative surgery.

The to-do list idea comes off as a quite a new and positive outlook on a topic that is so serious and life-changing. It also provides a fresh view on how to make an unfortunate situation better and happier.

The story comes along well with Lacey exploring her sexuality by doing things that she’d never usually do. Be it a threesome, roleplaying or just sunbathing topless. The result of these encounters allows her to experience life in a different way from what she was living. She patches things with her sister, breaks some toxic relationships, befriends new people, turns down a great job opportunity, and even has a super steamy forbidden romance.

That’s what makes me feel sad about dying. That after I’m gone and everyone has said goodbye, life just goes on without me.

The truth about the books is that it shows the essence of a woman going through a tough decision in her life and the difficulty of dealing with it. Lacey messes up a lot, loses her dream job, nearly destroys another business prospect and has major fights with her loved ones. But she doesn’t give up, she gets a grip on her life, sort’s things out with a number of people and eventually manages to reschedule her canceled surgery after building up a lot of courage and getting support from her friends and family.

The book not only brings the prevalent breast cancer scare upfront but also addresses the issue with a good and positive viewpoint. Georgia Clark has written this story in a very beautiful way that makes it truly personal with uncut and raw emotion. Lacey’s story also increases the awareness of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation and the fact that in today’s world, getting breast cancer at even a young age is possible. Makes us aware of the fact that it could happen to anyone and we must always be alert and regular in getting ourselves checked.

I’m calling out to all women and men who have women in their lives, mums, partners, sisters, daughters, make sure to get your mammograms and check-ups regularly. It is not the end of the world and there is a number of people out there who love you and support you!

We are there for you. We believe in you. We support you.

I apologize for the long hiatus, but now we’re back and ready to post some amazing new articles.

All the Love, R.

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