Odriel’s Heirs Book Review

Book Name: Odriel’s Heirs

Author: Hayley Reese Chow

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure

Publisher: Amazon KDP

Publication Date: March 1, 2020

Book Acquired: ARC, by the Author

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Odriel’s Heirs had my attention at Dragon’s rage. This one is a mix of Eragon and Game of Thrones, sans the dragons. Dragons would’ve been amazing but nevertheless, Kaia’s dragon rage doesn’t disappoint. Kaia, the Dragon Heir as bestowed by Odriel, and the power inherited from her father are expected to protect her world with the Shadow Heir (power of invisibility) and Time Heir (power of healing) by her side is cast out by the very same people she has to protect.

The brave, burning with fire,

Harnessed the dragon’s rage.

The cunning, veiled from the world,

Stole the shadow’s step.

The gentle, blessed with life,

Healed like time itself.


All her life, she has been the receiver of hate and the fire that makes her who she is is abhorred. But when an army of Lost threatens her land, Kaia, tries her best to prove herself. With the Time Heir missing, her father on a mission with the Shadow Heir, as the youngest, she is forced to battle alone.

To completely rid Okarria of the undead army and the return of Nifras, she must find the other two Heirs. Thus begins Kaia’s journey of not only finding the Heirs but also finding herself. Scared to wield her fire as a weapon, Kaia struggles to find a balance within her heart and conscience.

OH eCover

Kaia’s character growth from the moment we see her with a handful of the undead and to the last bit of the actual Dragon’s rage is amazing. The journey she takes truly helps her find herself. The fact that she doesn’t believe in herself and slowly, with the help of Klaus, Shadmunder, Tekoa and Odriel himself, we get to see the belief Kaia begins to build in her. To be faced with disapproval all her life, we see a girl with the fierce determination being born.

Klaus, being a couple of years older, and faced with his own difficulties, shows Kaia a side she never knew. With being an orphan at a young age and bearing the responsibilities of the Shadow Heir, Klaus had built up a wall which he pulls down for Kaia. Kaia and Klaus both find support amongst each other which buds as a beautiful friendship and blooms into profound love. With their resolve to win, no one can beat the two when they are together. As they keep saying, it’s best if the Heirs don’t split. This proves to be very true.

A statement made by Tekoa to Kaia, ‘If you ever need the light, just remember the one that burns within you, never goes out’ is the best advice I’ve read.

The statement speaks volumes and is one of my favourite quotes.

Overall, I loved this book to the very last page, last line and last word. The drama, the battles, the love, the dragon’s rage is delivered as promised. I couldn’t keep this book down. I had to devour the story as soon as I could. I eagerly wait what the sequel brings but till then I highly recommend this book to all fiction and fantasy lovers!

You can find the interview I did with Hayley right here.

Hayley’s Social media accounts are as follows:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HayleyReeseChow  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hayleyreesechow/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odrielsheirs/

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