About Rukaiya

You know how when you were a child, you’ve always had something that you would like to do when you grew up? You probably wanted to adopt a lion cub or live in a tree house forever or let’s say something realistic, you wanted to go to the moon? Yeah, we’ve all dreamt about that.


I did too but while growing up, I also became very passionate about finding my inner voice and fighting for what is right. I believe in feminism and gender equality. Yes, call me a feminist if you want.

I was born in Mumbai, part brought up in Pune and completed most of my high school and university in the UAE.

I specialise in dreaming, eating, reading and sleeping. On the days when I’m not doing these, I also blog and try to be creative.

Professional Reader

Freedom of speech is a greater part of the world these days and blogs are a common platform that allow people to express their opinions. Similarly, I’ll be using this space to talk about things that I love. Be it books, cats or pizza, I’ll probably post about it all. I’m also an official Netgalley member and a professional book reviewer.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it!

All the love, R

Instagram: @rukaiyazohar

Twitter: @rukaiyazk 

Email: rukaiya@unchartedroutes.com