About Zahra

Hola Amigos!!

You may end up laughing after reading this as describing myself is not my forte, but there is a first time for everything and this will be mine.


(This post itself went under editing – THRICE!)

I’m a strong believer in that there is no age to start learning something new and I consider myself a student forever. I’m a crazy fan of romantic songs and love stories. I can pull an all-nighter/ all-dayer to complete that lovey dovey movie or binge watch entire 8 seasons of Vampire Diaries again and again and again and again *takes a deep breath*

I worked my pretty brain off to complete my Masters in Textile Science and Apparel Design, yet still, struggle to convince my husband there are more than 6 colors in the world. My friends call me a bookworm not because I’m seen with books, but because I curl up like a worm when I’m reading one.

Painting, sketching, art, and crafts, as well as cooking, is not something I’ve learned, but it’s always been in my blood and genes – as observed by my family.

 “For me, different facets of life are like different shades of colors. You mix them in different proportions to create a new color of life and keep enjoying”.

So please sit back and enjoy this colourful world that I am creating!

Adios! Zaa

Instagram: @zaa_hus

Email: zahra@unchartedroutes.com