This blog is the baby of three lovely people – Rukaiya, Zahra and Ummehani. The OG of this little Uncharted World that we are learning how to navigate.

You’ll probably find us either arguing over which book is best or discussing which TV show or movie character’s death affected us the most.

Why did JKR have to kill Dobby? *sob*

Anyway, feel free to read up on the different and unique content we post in fashion, book world or just some new theory in pop culture. It’s great if you interact with us …We love and appreciate the feedback! We also don’t bite, so hit us up on our social media. Making new friends is our specialised skill.

Hope you’d like to explore these unknown roads as much as we’d like you to accompany us on our journey!

With lots of love,
Rukaiya, Zahra and Ummehani 😘

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